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If youre looking for the top Clash of Clans Cheats 2017, youve come to the right place! Our team of dedicated Clash of Clans enthusiasts will help you with tips and tricks on how to destroy all your rival clans. Stop getting dominated by higher level townhalls and razing the enemy like a true warlord. Our website will also show you which layouts are the best from townhall 3 all the way to townhall 10. Stop losing and start winning!

Important Buildings

Barracks You can use barracks to grow your army. You can unlock different troops after upgrading your barracks. The best farming combo is barbarians plus archers. Surround enemy bases with barbarians and drop archers to shoot over the walls.

Dark Barracks Dark barracks allow you to buy troops such as minions and hogs. These are ultra powerful troops but they come at a steep price dark elixer. Dark elixer is an ultra rare resource that would best be used to upgrade your heroes as opposed to purchasing one time use troops.

Campfire Upgrade your campfires so you can build more troops at one time. The stronger troops require more space so if you want an army full of powerful troops, make sure you max your campfires. In clan battles, its often the bigger army that prevails.

Elixer/Gold mines Often overlooked due to low production but experienced players know they should upgrade this asap because over the lifetime of the player, the difference is staggering. Having maxed out mines will allow players to take a few days or extended breaks from the game and come back to maxed out resources.

Cannons One of the most versatile defense unit in the game. These are strong against tanks but are weak again masses of troops such as mobs of barbarian.

Mortars This is one of the strongest defense units in the game because they cause massive splash damage. When repelling mobs of farming troops, mortars are the best. Upgrade these to make an anti-three star base.

Archer Towers These towers are weak at low level but once fully maxed out these are great because they can attack both land and air. They can absorb quite a bit of damage so make sure to spread these out across your base.

Hidden Tesla These sneaky little things are hidden across bases to surprise oncoming enemy foes. These are expensive in Gold to upgrade but should be made a priority.

Wizard Tower Wizard towers are very powerful because they splash damage both ground and air. The only thing about wizard towers is they are low on HP so you must protect them with walls.